Therapy concept

mentastim - for rehab in clinics, at the therapist or at home 



Increase your therapeutical spectrum and close the gap between the rehabilitation clinic, outpatient therapy and therapy at home.


Help your hemiparesis-patient to support the healing process

mentastim is very well suited for an in- or outpatient rehabilitation, which can also – configured individually by you– be used at home by the patient. Since this device is designed for home therapy it is very easy to use.


Increase your therapeutical spectrum

The EMG- triggered electrostimulation with mentastim will increase your therapeutical spectrum. If you purchase the device for your clinic or your practice, you can use it for several different patients or even lend it to patients.


You can teach the patient how to use the device. The therapy data will be saved automatically. Afterwards you will have the possibility to read the data and (eventually) change parameters.


In this way you can keep the supervision of the patient during his or her home therapy. You are even able to adapt the parameters to the respective results of the therapy.

mentastim is a home therapy system and is accepted for prescription 

If you have a medical indication the costs for the therapy will most likely be covered by your health insurance on a monthly basis, as long as the therapy is prescribed as a useful addition to the regular therapy.   


Individual health service

If the therapy is not covered by the health insurance the patient can receive the device as an individual health service.

Receive your device through our authorized distributor


Als Therapeut oder medizinische Einrichtung können sie mentastim-Geräte beim autorisierten Medizintechnik-Fachhandel erwerben.

As a therapist or a medical facility you can obtain your mentastim-devices at an authorized medical distributor

Please contact our distributor for further information.
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