mentastim for a controlled application at home

Easy to use for the patient and individually adjustable for the doctor or the therapist



For the patient 

mentastim is very easy to use. The patient can conduct his or her therapy with just a couple of clicks.

With mentastim the patient can carry out the therapy for him- or herself independently:

  • Audible and visual therapy control
  • Colored and illuminated display
  • Automated adjustment of the training goal  



For the doctor or the therapist

mentastim has a password restricted part (Expert menu) for the doctor or the therapist.

There you have several additional features

  • Safe and manage patient data
  • Adaption of therapy parameters; safe up to four programs: MF, NF, FES in MF and FES in NF
  • Read and export therapy protocols



The application

Das mentastim Gerät