The Therapy with mentastim

The therapy phases Rest - Imagination - Stimulation


The brain starts to resave the movement pattern. Therefore it activates new, undamaged nerve cells. That’s why you can relearn movements with mentastim through continuous exercises.


The EMG stimulation electrodes are placed on the respective muscle group, which should be treated. Depending on the sensitivity of the patient, the stimulation (the intensity) will be set to a higher or a lower value.


The three phases:

  • Phase 1 Rest: The patient relaxes. The muscle potential, also known as the EMG value, will be measured by the electrodes. 

  • Phase 2 Imagination: The patient imagines mentally a specific movement of the limb which should be treated. Through the imagination, the EMG value will raise; as soon as it reaches a certain threshold the muscle stimulation will be triggered (phase 3).

  • Phase 3 Stimulation: The patient will recognize the stimulation through the vegetative nervous system. The stimulation represents the positive feedback of the execution of the movement to the brain.

Der Therapieablauf mit mentastim

Electrode setting

Durch die gezielte Stimulation der Muskulatur mittels EMG-Elektroden können Patienten nach einem Schlaganfall Bewegungen neu erlernen.