Intuitive and easy to use

At a glance:

  • Simple guided therapy through an intuitive device handling
  • Audible and visual therapy control
  • Extensive therapy memory for an efficiency control
  • Patient individualized programs
  • Application of the therapy is even possible with low residual activity or events long time ago

Independantly guided therapy 


mentastim is especially designed for a controlled home use which is supported by an almost fully automated operation.


The device adapts to the daily patients’ performance; that means it lowers or raises the threshold automatically. 


mentastim allows you as a Patient to use the device independently at home to increase continuously the achievements you already gained at the inpatient rehabilitation.  



The device operates with one EMG channel, via which EMG recording and stimulation is conducted. The program settings, the device parameters and the therapeutic process can be monitored by a doctor or therapist.



Expert training and supervision



The mentastim therapy is conducted in well-chosen Rehabilitation clinics or physician practices. There you can learn and train the handling of the device with educated therapists. 


Your specialized occupational or physiotherapist, or outpatient rehabilitation center will look after you during your home therapy.


The therapy will be even more successful when you train several times a day independently at home. Your therapist will continuously adjust the program to your therapy progress.   


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The application

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