KWA Klinik Stift Rottal

KWA Klinik Stift Rottal in the Bavarian health resort Bad Griesbach offers various services in the field of neurological rehabilitation. According to our philosophy, every human being is considered as unique and as a whole, with his or her individual medical history. Its wide range of therapies for the treatment of neurological conditions is what makes KWA Klinik Stift Rottal unique on both the national and the international level. A large number of new alternative treatment approaches such as mentastim is used alongside traditional methods. The range of services offered includes several medical and therapeutic services as well as individual care, attentive support and a warm atmosphere.


Contact person: Brigitte Zieschank

Max-Koehler-Str. 3

94086 Bad Griesbach


Tel.: +49 8532/87-553

Fax: +49 8532/87-303




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Telefon: +49 8153 9308–0

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