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mentastim is a product of TQ-Systems

TQ-Systems with its 1200 employees has many years of experience in developing and producing electronic modules and complete devices.

Besides the development of OEM products TQ-Systems as a systems service provider is offering its development and production competence to notable companies since 1994.  


One focus is medical. The requirements specified by both legal regulations and standards vary widely and are quite demanding. Patient safety is the first priority here: For TQ as an electronics service provider this means not only that the highest quality standards have to be met, but that a comprehensive risk assessment must also be undertaken in advance down to the component level, along with complete risk and process documentation. TQ meets the most stringent standards and requirements: Employees with experience in medical technology from the aspects of development, production, and assembly form the basic team for finding medical-technology solutions


Further information about TQ-Systems is available on our company homepage.

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